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Where Can You Find Cheap Car Shipping?

What kind of car transportation do you need or want? There are many ways to transport a car viz. open transport, enclosed transport, door-to-door tranport, terminal-to-terminal or even towing for short distances for example. No matter what you choose it will be costly. It is truly difficult to find cheap car shipping.

Then you need to look at all of the variables involved to be sure your automobile will be adequately protected by the shipping company. What kind of insurance will they provide against damages from handling or from the elements? How difficult will it be to collect on that insurance?

You can find some clues online. You can inquire at the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints registered against whatever company interests you. But no matter what way you look at it you will need to get some quotes and ask some serious questions. It is very unlikely that you will be travelling with your vehicle if you are trying to arrange shipment.

Be cautious about car shipping companies who offer special deals which are $200 or more less than the rest of the companies in the market. Often these are cheap companies which will collect your deposit and promise you speedy delivery and even promise you the moon. A dishonest car shipping company can easily have your car sold or stripped before you know it is gone. They may take months to deliver the car, or not at all. Did you talk with the company representative or an auto broker?

Rarely is the cheapest auto shipper the best choice. They have your money and your car. Did you get insurance from them or from another company? You did purchase insurace, right?

Face the facts. The rates for shipping vehicles across long distances does not vary that much from place to place. You can get information online about reliable companies. You can investigate the company that interests you. In addition, you can get quotes online so you can compare services and their value with different car shippers.

Check out whether there are hidden fees for storing your car. Be sure you are not saving money up front and paying it at the back end when you go to pick up your car. Will your rate include door-to-door services or do you have to arrange to rent a vehicle to get to the terminal to pick up your car once it arrives at your destination?

Does this imply that all car shipping companies have shady dealings? No. But it should serve to give you some things to be aware of regarding a topic as critical as car shipping. It is simply good common sense to be wary about what you are getting with cheap car shipping.

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