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Should You Hire Cheap Local Movers?

The eternal question for people who are moving their household from one place to another is whether or not to try to do it themselves or hire cheap local movers. There is a lot less risk when you choose a low cost local mover simply because you are local too. They depend on local references for future business and if you are just moving across town, you are not going away.

Even with that being said, there are many risks remaining. You have probably heard more than one story about a relocation gone wrong because some family chose the lowest bidder. There are ways you can protect yourself and make a wise choice. One thing is to get more than one quote for your move.

You know how many rooms are in each house. You know the distance between them. You already have an idea how much time will be involve just getting from place to place. You want a moving company that is professional and experienced. You want movers with a good reputation at the Better Business Bureau and chamber of commerce. If you know someone from a civic group, such as a Rotarian or a member of Kiwanis, you might involve that perceived local expert in helping you choose a good mover. That puts their reputation on the line along with the moving company they recommend.

Ask questions.You do not want surprises on moving day. Watch for hidden fees. Get insurance on your household goods, and on the movers from start to finish. Be sure you know how to collect on any insurance claim, no matter how trivial.

When you look online you can get quotes for comparable services and then begin your quest for integrity with the moving company that interests you. Will they provide boxes? Do they pack the boxes? Will they move the boxes you packed? Moving can be very stressful. You can minimize that stress by planning ahead. Who do you call if there is a problem on moving day?

Find out about your special items that may require crating or some other special moving equipment. Ask the professional moving company what items you will need to leave behind because they cannot insure them. Be practical and drain the fluids from your yard equipment, like mowers, or any other machinery. Be prepared before moving day. Even the cheapest local mover will not transport hazardous materials, so get rid of them before you move.

As you know, there are risks when you hire cheap local movers. But with some preparation on your part you can cut down the dangers of being ripped off. You may even be building a new and good business relationship with their company.

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