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How to Find Cheap Furniture Movers

There is more to locating cheap furniture movers than just looking in the Yellow Pages. At least this is true if you want good professional movers and not just a couple of guys with a rented truck . Too many people have made this mistake, often thinking they can cut the corners by hiring a friend of a friend without even meeting them. They share the sorrow of damaged or lost furniture after it is over. Sometimes they even end up with a lawsuit for an injury that one of the movers got while hauling your furniture. Truth be told. It is not worth the hassle or the risk. Take the time to look for a professional mover.

Yes, you can watch the ads on TV or read reviews online, but your local chamber of commerce or Better Business Bureau probably knows who the realiable and cheap furniture movers are in your region. You may find that some movers will not accept an assignment if it requires going up a flight of stairs. So ask some questions. Get some references.

Think about how much “stuff” you really need them to move. How many rooms are at the home you are leaving? How many rooms are in your new home? Will you pack the boxes? Or will they? Be sure they are labelled well so they end up in the correct room. If you are able to pack your own belongings, the movers will often give you a break on the cost. On the other hand, some movers do not want the responsibility of moving something they did not pack themselves. So be sure to ask.

What kind of insurance does their company provide? Will it be from the time the arrive until the time the entire household goods are unloaded (including transport time)? That is the best kind to get if you can because it protects you from start to finish. Sometimes their insurance will be broken down into smaller sections so be sure you get the coverage you need. Does it cover your belongings as well as the movers themselves?

Just because the moving company offers cheaper rates does not mean you need to accept less than professional behavior and experienced workers. Some companies will send one experienced mover and two people who are simply hired hands for the day. That is a huge risk. Send them back and get a different company.

Finding cheap furniture movers is important for many people. Yet most of them put themselves at risk because they do not know about all these different aspects that can influence a successful or frustrating moving experience.

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