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Can You Really Trust Cheap Furniture Movers?

Moving your household belongings can be very stressful. You have closings. You have openings. You have electric bills to end and new ones to set up. Getting someone to take care of the kids during the packing and moving process is yet another concern. Setting up phone and television and computer service at the new place are all issues for the family. So one thing you must be able to do is TRUST the people you hire. Can you trust cheap furniture movers?

Most of the time you can count on your professional movers to do their task and maintain a good attitude throughout. But how can you protect yourself and your furniture in case they do not. For one thing, use some common sense. Be there when the movers are there from beginning to end. This is not the time for you to go out to lunch with the neighbors and let the movers “do their thing”.

One way to create an atmosphere of trust within your family is by doing your homework. Check around for trustworthy movers. Ask people you know if they had good experience with cheap movers. Ask the Better Business Bureau or chamber of commerce for the names of furniture movers. Which ones have had complaints? Which ones are reliable and will show up on time to pick up and to deliver your household goods?

Know ahead of time if you are packing boxes or if they are. Require lists of contents for each box and labels to identify which room it is going to. Identify how many rooms are in your current home and how many are in the new one so the movers can adequately prepare for the proper space needs. Let them know if you need them to move heavy appliances, because that may require extra equipment.

Arrange adequate insurance coverage for your furniture and boxes plus liability for injury to any of the movers. Some movers will not handle boxes that they did not pack, so find out ahead of time. Cheap does not mean poor quality and it does not mean stupid. You should be able to expect the same kind of professional experienced service from cheap furniture movers if you have investigated them with care.

Planning ahead will prevent a lot of surprises on moving day. Treat your movers professionally and they usually will respond with appropriately. Find out the company policy on tips before you get on the road or you leave yourself open to an opportunity for them to take advantage of you at the end.

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